Paper Wasp      
  Color: Black and Yellow
Length: 1"
Habitat: Nests mostly under eves on the sunrise side of a structure. Also found inside in high undisturbed places with easy access to the outside.
  Reproduction: 10- 300 eggs at 1 egg per chamber. A thin cocoon like mask is used to close the chambers right before adults emerge.
  Misc: The Paper Wasp will pull tiny pieces of wood from trees and bushes. When the wood pieces mix with the wasps saliva a paste is formed. The wasp then uses the paste to create tiny cavities where eggs will be laid, larva will be fed, and adults will emerge. The structure looks like an umbrella with perfectly rounded cavities. Males will develop from unfertilized eggs and only fertilized females survive the winter. Wasps are considered beneficial and are aggressive when not provoked. Mason Wasp: Creates sculptures out of clay that look like ceramic pieces.


Yellow Jacket