The ever-changing world around us has caused pesticides to find their way into our land, water, and well-being. Hence, the "Going Green Generation." The traditional exterminator practice of using pesticide spray to provide a temporary solution is of the past, our pest control service instead provides a permanent solution by locating and eliminating the source of the problem.



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Posted by Joslyn7 on 02/22/2010
I had an ongoing problem with rats and have been through the ringer with a few companies. The technician sounded extremely educated and confident and met with me that day. The technician went into the attic and crawlspace in search for the rat. They sealed the openings, found a nest and caught 3 rats without poison. Their prices were the cheapest in town compared. I recommend this company to everyone!
Kent R.
Hayward, CA

We heard noises in our attic and figured we had one or more critters living up there. After I did a quick inspection, it was obvious we had some sort of rodent population. We contacted pest med and, sure enough, we had roof rats. Kendra did a thorough inspection of the attic, set traps and and showed us every spot where they might be entering so we could take corrective action. One week later she returned to check the traps. Bingo! She had managed to snag seven rats. She then set new traps and said that if there is no evidence of further activity in the following week, we could rest assured the problem was solved. We also received a couple of e-mail and phone inquiries to see how things were going and we found that to be VERY impressive! Customer service and the years of experience Kendra brings to the table exceeded our expectations. You'll be glad you chose pest med.
Mathew T.
Fremont, CA

pest med has outstanding service. I am a realtor so I have had the pleasure of dealing with several pest control companies and not one of them has compared to the exceptional services offered here. I have to say that the receptionist is no typical receptionist. She is a pleasure to speak with and knows the business in full. I have used them to put out a few fires on properties up for sale. I had an emergency at a property that was up for sale. I called them at 3:45 am. I thought I was just going to get a machine but to my surprise a very friendly and wide awake voice said... Thank you for calling pest med how can I help you. I was so surprised that I said good morning three times before I could remember why I was calling. If no appointment is available they will try to move flexible ones to accommodate. I used them for rats, ants, cockroaches and wasps. The very first time I used them the technician showed up at the door to catch a rat that was running around one day before open house. Well i'll admit it I was a little shocked as I was scared myself to enter the home. Sure enough she came walking out about 30 minutes later rat in box and all of her body parts still intact. She fixed the hole where it entered and left me feeling secure to go ahead with open house. They have never been late for an appointment and always call when they say they are going to. I can honestly say nothing negative about this company. I think anyone who can needs a good dose of another company and they will quickly reconsider. I will refer pest med to anyone needing pest services or just to hear a friendly voice for that matter.
Debbie C.
Fremont, CA

At 3 o'clock in the morning my three dogs ran outside and began to bark insanely. I called them and they would not come in. One of my dogs came back in crying. The whole house work up and were scared. Finally about 15 minutes later they all came in and I left all the lights on. The next morning I inspected the property and didn't find anything. My dogs barked at the corner of the fence so I figured it wasn't a human intruder but an animal one. I didn't want to harm any rodents I just wanted them gone. I called pest med and they fully inspected our house top to bottom. Literally. There were no opossums to be found but she did opossum proof the house and we have not had a problem again. Thank you.
Robert L.
Campbell, CA

I had a problem with bumblebees showing up in my dining room and could not figure out where they were coming from. The exterminator went up in my attic and found and removed the bumblebee nest. Then they went a step further and fixed the holes in the attic to prevent further intruders. In less then an hour the nightmare was over. pest med was professional and very reasonably priced. I usually would not take the time to refer a company but this company is worth knowing about.
Ryan L.
Fredericksburg, VA

Kendra was prompt, courteous, and professional. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to have your house treated.
by Lydia

I am very pleased with this company. And am taking the time to write a review to thank them for all their help. I was in bad situation I had rats in my attick for awhile alway hearing them scratching at night keeping me awake and scared. I already had my regular pest control company try to sovle this problem many times and for many months. Finally I had enough and thought I really needed to get rid of this problem so I called another company for help "Pest Med". That company came out looked all around my attick and roof and found many holes that my previous company did not. So Pest Med closed all the holes and set traps and totally solved the problem once and for all. I havent heard any scrathcy, freaky noises since. And did I mention with a very reasonable price and no long term contract. So as you might know I am no longer with my previous pest control company. And I will call on Pest Med if ever needed again for any pest problem. So thanks Pest Med you are awesome.
by Debbie

The inspector was on time for our scheduled appointment. She was very courteous and had good knowledge of what I needed. Very professional. I would recommend Pest Med to my friends.
by Melissa

I am proud to review pest med. I had a rat running around in my house and I called them at 9:30pm. The receptionist was very professional and connected me with an exterminator that came out within the hour. The exterminator caught the rat and sealed a hole in our utility room where it came in from. I found this company on yelp and called them because of their review. I was expecting to spend a fortune for the emergency and being so late in the night but turns out they do not charge extra for emergency services and I ended up paying way less then I thought. I know any other company would have tacked on $ for needing an emergency service at night. Instead they were very understanding and did not take advantage of my situation. I also found their website to be extremely educational.