Be Proud of a Pest-Free Property

by Turning to Our

Rodent Control Specialists

Take the stress out of having a pest problem with affordable rodent control solutions from Pest Med in Fremont, California. We offer thorough rodent and pest control services with no lock-in contracts. Whether you need to find spaces in your property where animals are entering or want to completely eliminate bugs, we are here to design a Pest Management Plan for your building, home, or institution based on your individual needs. Contact our rodent control experts today for your consultation. You have nothing to lose but your pest problem!

 What Do You Need Eliminated?


* Ants
  - Carpenter
  -Crazy House
  - Odorous House 
  - Pharaoh
  - Thief
* Flies
  - Fruit 
  - House 
  - Bottle
  - Drain 
  - Mosquitoes
* Spiders
  - Wolf 
  - Brown Recluse
  - Black Widow 
  - House

* Rodents & Animals
  - Mice
  - Roof Rats
  - Norway Rats
  - Raccoons
  - Squirrels
* Misc.
  - Wasps & Bees
  - Cockroaches
  - Springtails
  - Silverfish
  - Firebrats
  - Bed Bugs
  - Mites
  - Fleas
  - Centipedes
  - Millipedes

Tell Bugs to Bug Off

Your home is for people and pets only, so make sure bugs aren't cramping your living spaces. When you call us for your pest inspection, we come to your property and look for the nest. By eliminating the nest, you are better able to ensure the complete removal of pests such as rats, mice, and ants. Your service includes hunting down the problem in attics and crawlspaces to guarantee all nests are permanently eliminated. 

No Unwanted Animals Allowed

Sometimes, there are openings in your home you may not know about. Once a pest gets in, they can go anywhere in your house. Pest Med finds those areas and shows you how to prevent animals from coming in so you don't have to worry about unwanted visitors.