The Crazy House Ant can be found: under wood piles, bricks, inside homes, and under carpet.

Bed Bugs

Mostly found in and around beds, nail holes, behind dressers, and picture frames.

Honey Bees

They usually look for undisturbed places with good shelter from the weather and sometimes found in a hollowed out tree base and inside walls of homes and buildings.

American Cockroach

Produce about ten ootheca (egg sacs) containing over ten eggs per ootheca. Drops or glues ootheca a few hours after formation using mouth secretions.


Mostly found in leaf piles, mulch, damp areas.


Fruit Flies can be found in dumpsters, kitchens, restrooms, drains and fermenting food.


Found mostly around water heaters and boiler rooms. Prefer temperatures above Ninety degrees with high humidity.


Tunnel six to twelve inches below ground for feeding


High moisture, plant beds, under leaf piles


Nest in shredded paper, insulation, cardboard, and clothing. Gain access into structures through tiny gaps.


Rat Nests and Bird Nests


Mostly found in sewers, drains, ponds, lakes, deep in the woods, unmaintained pools and fountains.

Norway Rats

Mostly live in sewers, basements, attics, ground, and under decks.

Roof Rats

Found mostly in trees, roofs, attics, and utility line entry points.


Mostly found in damp and cool places such as laundry rooms.


Mostly found under rocks, in ground, under leaf litter, and under decks.


High moisture, damp areas, water damaged areas


Nests mostly under eves on the sunrise side of a structure. Also found inside in high undisturbed places with easy access to the outside.