Norway Rats

Color: Brown
Length: 1-1.5'
Habitat: Mostly live in sewers, basements, attics, ground, and under decks.
Reproduction: Live up to eighteen months. Reproductive cycle lasts twenty three days. The young are weaned at four weeks.
They produce three to six litters per year containing one to seven young per litter.
  Misc: Rats produce several droppings and prefer peanut butter, meat, and bread. Norway's needs an opening of 1/2 in to gain entry.
Rats will travel one hundred to one hundred and fifty feet from nest in search for food and water. Tail is shorter then head and body.
They have a blunt nose, small ears, and small eyes.
IPM for Rodents

                                                       ...Caution...   The intended use of this information is solely for the customerís expectation of the technician. Do not attempt to do your own pest control without consulting your physican first.
 Identify droppings to determine the type of Rodent
1. Inspect sub areas for entry and exit points
2. Set traps in areas where droppings were found
3. Close all entry exit points after one week of trapping
4. Clean droppings
5. Pick up all rat traps after service is complete to eliminate the attraction of other pests

Biology Norway Rat
1. Mother carries young for twenty three days and gives birth to live young
2. Young are weaned at one month
3. Produce three to six litters per year containing one to seven young per litter
4. Mostly found nesting on ground in abandoned material

Biology Roof Rat
1. Produce four to six litters per year containing five young per litter
2. Check for droppings in high places
3. Most likely found in attics