Color: Light Brown to Black
Length: Up to 1 1/2"
Habitat: Mostly found in sewers, drains, ponds, lakes, deep in the woods, unmaintained pools and fountains.
Reproduction: Eggs are laid on floats in the water and hatch within a week to six months time, requiring water to hatch. Misc: Mosquitoes can lay eggs in moist soil near water and eggs can lay dormant for several years waiting for water to rise.
For an eco-friendly way to reduce mosquito population follow these steps. Keep water flowing in fountains, maintain grass and landscape, keep objects that could hold a single tablespoon of water out of the yard, and clean gutters and downspouts. Mosquitoes can sense carbon dioxide and attractants from up to 150 feet. Males feed on plant juices and do not bite. Females feed on blood to develop fertile eggs. Pregnant and people of larger body masses are more likely to receive bites.