Color: Light Grey
Length: 5.5" - 7.5" including tail
Habitat: Nest in shredded paper, insulation, cardboard, and clothing. Gain access into structures through tiny gaps.
Reproduction: Mice give birth to live young containing five to six per litter. More than one litter can be present in the nest at one time.

  Misc: Mice are good swimmers. They produce a large amount of droppings per day and stay within five to twenty feet from the nest. Droppings are the size of uncooked rice. Mice can live up to 6 years under healthy conditions.
The brain of a mouse is the size of pea and the hardest part of their body. The elasticity of the body of a mouse allows them to fit through openings just over 1/4".
Recommend closing all openings greater than 1/4" to eliminate entry points. Entry points can be found under sinks, restrooms, doorways and utility lines. Add door sweeps to all doors that produce a gap and fill holes with steel wool, foam or screen.

...Caution...  The intended use of this information is solely for the customerís expectation of the technician. Do not attempt to do your own pest control without consulting your physican first.
PestMed offers an inspection of your entire property to locate and eliminate all entry and exit points.