Color:  Brown and Gray
   Habitat:  Tunnel six to twelve inches below ground for feeding
  Reproduction:  Live up to three years reaching sexual maturity at age one. Produce one to three litters a year containing six young per litter.
  Misc:  Dominate areas up to two thousand square feet. Burrow a far as six feet under to store food and nest. Invade property to feed on garden crops and ornamental plants. Gophers will plug tunnels frequently making them difficult to trap. There are thirteen species of gophers in the United States. Gophers are always sealing their tunnels and making new ones. It is definitely hard to trap a gopher as they can dominate up to two thousand square feet and burrow up to twelve inches anywhere within two thousand square feet. The best way to eliminate gophers is to locate the most recent tunnel. This can be done by knocking down all mounds at night and checking for new mounds first thing in the morning.

                                        IPM for Gophers   
                                                    ...Caution.. The intended use of this information is solely for the customerís expectation of the technician. Do not attempt to do your own pest control without consulting your physican first.
1. Determine fresh mounds by fresh soil (usually darker)
  2. Probe six to twelve inches around fresh mounds to find tunnels
  3. Dig a trench into the tunnel
  4. Apply coyote urine or non poisonous traps
  5. Use carrots, apples, lettuce and peanut butter as bait
  6. Dig a two feet trench around property
  7. Place fencing to cover two to three feet under soil and six inches on top of the soil.