Frequently Asked Pest Control Questions

We try to anticipate questions you might have about our pest control PRODUCTS / SERVICES and provide the answers here. If you need additional information

Why do females get bit more then males
All blood feeders are attracted to carbon dioxide. The more carbon dioxide detected the better chance of a blood meal. Females, children and pregnant females usually have a higher metabolism producing more carbon dioxide then males.

Can I remove a Rat or Bird Nest myself
No. Extreme precaution should be taken when removing a nest. Dry particles from a nest, droppings and urine can cause incurable diseases and swelling of the brain. Always consult with a physician before attempting any pest control practice.

Can I get a disease from Fleas
Yes. If the animal or rodent died from a disease it can be transmitted.

Do Mites and Bed Bugs spread Disease
No. So far no reports have been made but it is important to always take extreme caution.

What is the meaning of Eco-Friendly
Removing the source of the problem without using harmful pesticides and taking steps to eliminate a favorable habitat for pests.

Do you offer a guarantee

Why don't you use a Spray for Cockroaches
Cockroaches live in inaccessible void areas and have what is called a nursery where the pregnant cockroaches congregate. Spraying for cockroaches will just eliminate the cockroaches on the surface and cause the rest to spread to other areas within the structure. They will take 2 weeks up to a few months to repopulate. Then you will start seeing them in other areas. When this happens it creates the illusion that the spray worked. Spraying for cockroaches will just create a need for continued service. We prefer to use the weakness of the cockroach to our advantage resulting in a silent attack providing total elimination.

Are your methods Safe for Children and Pets
Our services are based on the biology of the target pest with the consideration of children pets and the environment. We have developed a more safe, effective and guaranteed quick elimination.

Can Fleas Survive on my Blood
Fleas can only survive on the blood of the host animal. However fleas can lay dormant for up to 6 months. It is possible to see a flea up to 6 months after removing and/or treatment of the pet. Fleas eggs are constantly dropping from the flea. It is possible to have an infestation from wild animals around your property. Everytime you walk up to your home. Fleas could jump on your legs and take a ride inside.

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