Color: Yellowish Brown
Length: Reach over two inches

Reproduction: Produce about ten ootheca (egg sacs) containing over ten eggs per ootheca. Drops or glues ootheca a few hours after
formation using mouth secretions.

Brown Banded Cockroach
Color: Light brown with two brown bands across body.
Length: 1/2"
Habitat: They prefer warm dry locations such as motor housings.

Reproduction: Females attach ootheca within two days after production.

Misc: Adult males can fly and their wings cover their entire body. Females cannot fly and have shorter wings.

German Cockroach
Color: Brown with two light marks on pronotum
Length: 3/4"
Habitat: Warm humid places around food source, cardboard, picture frames, motor housings.
Reproduction: Produce five to eight ootheca containing up to fifty eggs each. Adults live up to three to seven months. Misc: Cockroaches can live for several days without food or water. Sanitation, monitoring and strategic baiting is key in controlling cockroaches.

Oriental Cockroach
Color: Black
Length: Males grow to up to one inch and females grow up to 1 1/4"
Habitat: Mostly found in sewers, underground coverings, damp areas and around water heaters.
Reproduction: Can live up to six months. Drops or glues ootheca using mouth secretions within two days after forming. Drops or glues ootheca in warm areas near a good source of food.
Misc: They are extremely slow moving. Cockroaches are vectors of many diseases.

IPM for Cockroaches
1. Look for cockroach droppings to determine infested areas
2. Create a plan to correct all sanitation issues
3. Place bait in cracks and crevices around infested areas
4. Seal openings around pipes and baseboards
5. Repeat step three for the next two weeks
6. The use of insect monitors can expose a problem before it leads to an infestation
7. Pesticide spray will only create a need for a continued service