Honey Bees

Color: Orange Yellow and Brown
Length: 3/4"
Habitat: They usually look for undisturbed places with good shelter from the weather and sometimes found in a hollowed out tree base and inside walls of homes and buildings.
Reproduction: One queen will lay eggs for the entire hive. In the spring a selected queen and half of the hive will take off to find a location to start another hive. You might see a swarm of bees on a tree branch they are just resting and will be gone in about two to five days.
Misc: Honey bees use the nectar from flowers and turn it into food. Creating wax and honey. The bee hive can be relocated through the assistance of a professional when posing a threat. Entire hive hibernates over winter. When removing a wall hive you have to remove the honey as well. Bees flap their wings to keep the honey cool, once the bees are removed the honey will melt through stain the wall. Carpenter Bees: Carve chambers in wood mostly fences and wood siding or overhangs. In a day’s time a female will lay an egg on a mixture of secretions and pollen she will then seal the chamber with a saliva/wood paste. Males are aggressive but do not have stingers. Hibernate overwinter and live several years.

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Carpenter Bees